Saturday, July 03, 2004

Our Gift

When I look back 2 weeks, I can't believe how sick Schatze was.

Then, last Friday we brought her home. Corey and I had to leave Saturday at 3 am, for a week in Mexico. We were there to see Colleen and Mark get married (whoo-hoo!). Every minute we missed out little dog, but my mom stayed in touch and assured us everything was fine.

Today Daisy (mom) and Schatze came to pick us up from the airport. What a wonderful homecoming! That little dog has been doing lots of healing while we were gone. She was so happy to see us, immediately getting onto Corey's lap. Halfway home she decided to switch to my lap, so Corey helped her into the front seat. She sat quietly with her nose in the air conditioning vent.

Today has been such a wonderful, wonderful day. The three of us had a nap together for the first time in weeks. She is as cuddly as ever. And hungry! She sure has her appetite back, but we are taking it easy. She also wanted to go down the driveway and check out the neighborhood. We weren't there 2 minutes when people started asking to pet her. We stayed for a minute, then came back in to rest. Soon I will post a photo of her sleeping in her basket - she decided to scooch under the blanket. What a sweetheart.

It is such a gift to see our dog healthy again.

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