Monday, May 31, 2004


Maggie and Scahtze keep walking into the kitchen to stand in front of the window fan and let it blow their ears around. Hopefully I can get a picture!

Happy Memorial Day!

It was just me and 3 dogs today. They were such wonderful company. Duncan followed me absolutely everywhere. He's lay in the living room if I was in the craft room for long periods of time, but every once and a while he would come check on me. When I was packing up my scrap stuff for a crop, he sat in a very crowded corner between the closet and printer stand, just watching.

When I dedided to watch tv everyone piled onto the couch for the Buffyfest. When they got tired of that and begged to go out, we all headed to the backyard for some weeding. The neighbos were out and about to, and whenever one of them got near the fence the 3-dog-alarm would sound. Everyone thought they were cute, though.

Sunday, May 30, 2004


I think Schatze thinks we are keeping Maggie and Duncan. It is noon and she just ate for the first time! I think that is a record. Maggie and Duncan spent the night here, since it was too much trouble to haul everyone back to moms. Maggie woke everyone at 10, so all dogs and I went outside for awhile. Schatze went back to bed becuase Corey was still sleeping, but even when he got up she refused her food. She has eaten now, and all is well. Each dog has staked out a soft spot in the living room - Schatze in her bed, Maggie on Corey's floor pillow, and Duncan on a pillow on the couch. So content....

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Tough Guy

My favorite adventure with Duncan to date happened a few weeks ago. I decided to take all 3 dogs to the park. It wasn't quite dark yet, but I thought I had time. I got about halfway there and turned around because it got dark very quickly. On the way home, 3 guys on motorcycles ended up behind us. Duncan had been sitting in the back window of my car, and as soon as those guys revved their engines, he started barking like a madman.

He stood on that window ledge for 3 blocks, through 2 very long lights, barking at the motorcycles. The windows were closed so he had no chance of getting near them, but he would not stop. He is such a little guy, but he completely drowned out he radio. I could see the guys on their motorcycles grinning at that tough little dog the whole time.

Wiener Blog

This site is for Schatze, Maggie and Duncan. Schatze is my dachshund, and Maggie and Duncan belong to my mom. Just about everything they do is hilarious, so I thought I'd write it down to share.