Monday, July 05, 2004

5th of July

Maggie and Duncan came to spend the day with us today. Maggie has ants in her pants I think. Mom, Schatze, Duncan, and I would all settle down nice and quiet, readign or watching tv, and maggie was wandering all over the room, sniffing out the hidden secrets of my house. Mostly that means dust.

My mom uses one of those nylon tie out lines with hooks on either end for her dogs. She hooks Maggie on one end and Dunc on the other, then just holds on somewhere in the middle. I have another of those lines hooked to a fence in the backyard, so they got attached to that when we were sitting out back. This setup menas that the two dogs work agaist each other in there exploration of the yard. Duncan usually has most of the leash and Maggie gets led around by him. Somehow, today Dunc had the short leash, and Maggie and her ants were in charge.

Later in the evening we took all 3 dogs out onto the deck. I have a hook in the ground and a nylon line for each one. And they each manage to get tangled up on a regular basis - around all my plants, the chairs, table, sticks, anything. My firend Laurie brought over her dog, Ladie. Ladie is a boxer mix, and at first didn't know what to make of all the small dogs. Duncan seems to be in love, however.

Schatze got in several naps today, and had a nice mid-day rest with Corey while the rest of us were outside. She's still pretty pooped, and right now she is all zonked out on the couch.

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