Wednesday, August 25, 2004


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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I'd rather eat dirt...

Corey uses dirt as his standard for things he'd rather not do. Schatze, on the other hand, thinks eating dirt is a wonderful pastime, second only to being petted by strangers. Ever since the feast she runs to the door at least once very hour. As soon as she gets outside she runs down to the end of the driveway, hops up the steps to the stoop, and lays down. Occassionally she wanders into the flower bed and tries to eat the leaves and dirt until I call her back. Then she'll lay down again. Almost every time someone walks bys he stands up, hoping they will pay attention to her. I think she really misses the feast - she got many more people to pet her that weekend.

Duncan's Favorite Game

Duncan's favorite game is scaring girls. He acts all cute and innocent, and then as soon as they start up with the high-pitched sqealing he starts barking like a madman. It's GREAT!

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Feasting on the attention

It's the feast this weekend, and there are tons of people in the neighborhood. Schatze is the happiest dog in the world. She wants to spend every minute of everyday at the bottom of the driveway, watching the people go by. Almost everyone has a smile of a laugh for her, and many of them stop to pet her. She just LOVES it. I gather there are also many wonderfully smells of food around. She gets much more alert when a person walks buy eating one of the many fabulous treats available this weekend.

Maggie and Duncan are miserable however. The would bark at everyone who happens by, so they were relegated to the backyard. Mostly they would whine, but occasionally bark, so now they are stuck in the house. They just need to relax...

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

so happy

Maggie and Duncan are always so happy to see me when I vist. I am always afraid they are going to wiggle right out of their skin. It's really very sweet. Except fromt eh jumping on my leg and scratching it up with those nails. But i get a kick out of them jumping on my lap as soon as I sit on the couch.

favorite... sound... ever....

schatze crunching kibble

corey will call me and hold the phone near her

love it

walking the dog

It's been a long time since Schatze & I went to the park, so I rushed home from work Monday to get her, the drove right to the park. It was so nice. She was so happy to be outside! She trotted along, sniffing and seeing everything. Once again I was reminded of how sick she had been, becuase she is so healthy now. We were at the Sanctuary Marsh @ North Chagrin Reservation. We walked to the deck, across it, then back around to the duck pond. I couldn't find the collapsible bowl, so she had to drink from a wter bottle acting as a water fountain.

I found out afterwards that mom hadn't been at work, so next we went to her house. Walking Maggie and Duncan is very different from walking Schatze. Schatze will walk mostly in a stright line, although she'll briefly check out good smells on the tree lawn. We have a leash with 2 hooks for the other 2. They are always running off in opposite directions, dragging each other this way and that - what a mess!!!