Monday, July 16, 2007

what did i do?

i'm just wanderingaround the house, looking for a shady spot to lie down, and then those ridiculous parents of mine inflict further indignities upon my person! it's bad enough that any time i lie down with a paw within their reach the insist on tickling my toes. kicking them doesn't get them to stop. as a matter of factit just makes them laugh and tickle me some more.

but tonight? momma scoops me up, plops me on the table, makes me stand on an inkpad, then proceeds to take footprints. she tried my front paw twice, to no avail. did that get me off the hook? no! she flips the paper over, grabs my back paw, stands me up on the inkpad, squishes each toe into the icky black ink, then daddy sticks the paper close by and they press my little back foot onto the paper. i'm glad it worked that time, because I was having no more of that. i probably was gonna pee on them next. seriously.

if all this isn't enough daddy gets an icy cold paper towel and starts wiping off my feet and cracking jokes about it. how rude!