Tuesday, July 20, 2004

i've been remiss

I haven't updated in ages.  I think themost notable dog-related activity in recent times is the 2004 Northeast Ohio Dachshund Picnic we went too.  All 3 dogs, mom, Corey, and I.  It was lots of fun making a dragonfly costume for Schatze, and I still think she ought to have won.

http://onlysleepn.fotopages.com/?entry=165141  (see it here)
http://www.winc.com/picnics/ (picnic website)
Maggie is kind of a crybaby.  Well, totally a crybaby.  (Whcih reminds me that I have never seen that Johnny Depp movie, must update wish list).  Whenever my mom heads outside, Maggie stands by the nearest door and cries.  When she hears my moms car pull in the driveway, she runs to the back door and cries.  Sunday I had Duncan by himself for awhile.  All of a sudden he started barking at some people outside.  Maggie ran to the door and cried until I got him in the house AND he ran up the stairs by her.  She stuck her nose in his face to check him out for herself, since she sure didn't beleive me when I said he was fine.  Its a good thing she's cute.

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