Thursday, March 08, 2007


Oh these poor neglected weenies. I haven't been telling the world of their exploits. Mostly they are just stinky. But never fear, we plunked all 3 dogs in the bathtub at once. Since Maggie is the sweet one (if she knows and loves you) she just waited patiently until we took her out. Duncan began plotting his escape the minute his toes touched the water. Schatze, she was just pissed. She stood there and huffed and puffed like this was the greatest indignity the world had to offer. I assure you, it isn't. As is to be expected, while I tried toshampoo Schatze Duncan made a break for it. Fortunately my mom is ever vigilant and trapped him in a towel before he hit the ground. The chaos of 3 weiner dogs trying to dry off by running around the house in search of anything soft and plush is best left untold...

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Meadow Walk said...

bwahahah what a great mental image! I love how you described their personalities! My dog has been living at a friends' house -- she calls me and tells me about her personality and quirks all the time and it is so funny!