Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Schatze's birthday was last Friday - Cinco de Mayo! Corey suggested we take her to PetSmart for some new toys, so that ws the plan for Saturday. Friday called for some quality time, so I decided to take her to the park. She loves to walk, but HATES walking in our neighborhood. My theory is that she gets nervous from the sound of cars speeding down the brick road.

It can take about half an hour to 45 minutes to get to the nicer parks from my house. There is one closer, but it makes me nervous to go by myself or with my 16 pound dog. On the way I remembered seeing a walking path near the rec center in Cleveland Heights, so I parked the car, got out my ipod and leashed up the ween. We walked for about 10 minutes until we discovered the hated sign - no pets. I new the walkway across the street had the same ban on animals, so I figured that little local park I always forget about up the road (Cain Park) probably wouldn't welcome my dog either. This reminded me of the time I walked my dog Gypsy up to the little park in Mayfield (it used to be a school) and that place too wouldn't allow dogs. By this time I was angry - some of these places get my tax dollars, why can't my dog come along for a nice time? I assume it's because some other idiots don't clean up after their pets, or don't keep an eye on them. As I headed over to my original destination - North Chargin Reservation - I noticed it was starting to get dark. I tried the Highland Heights Community Park - same ban on our furry friends. Fuck You! By this time I knew it would be dark by the time I got to my MetroPark of choice. Poor Schatze. She'd have to settle for a walk around my mom's neighborhood.

Are their dog parks on the east side? Or even dog friendly parks? I'm told there are dog parks in Lakewood and other points West. Chcago has a dog park on every corner practiaclly. I don't leave packages for everyone else to step on, why can't I find a niceplace to take my dog that isn't on the other side of the universe?

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