Wednesday, August 11, 2004

walking the dog

It's been a long time since Schatze & I went to the park, so I rushed home from work Monday to get her, the drove right to the park. It was so nice. She was so happy to be outside! She trotted along, sniffing and seeing everything. Once again I was reminded of how sick she had been, becuase she is so healthy now. We were at the Sanctuary Marsh @ North Chagrin Reservation. We walked to the deck, across it, then back around to the duck pond. I couldn't find the collapsible bowl, so she had to drink from a wter bottle acting as a water fountain.

I found out afterwards that mom hadn't been at work, so next we went to her house. Walking Maggie and Duncan is very different from walking Schatze. Schatze will walk mostly in a stright line, although she'll briefly check out good smells on the tree lawn. We have a leash with 2 hooks for the other 2. They are always running off in opposite directions, dragging each other this way and that - what a mess!!!

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