Tuesday, June 22, 2004


My heart has broken 100 times in the last 3 days, but Schatze is doing well now. She got sick last Wednesday. Corey and I went through a million frights and thought we would lose our precious dog. But she is a strong willed wonder dog, and she has people and dogs the world round praying for her and sending good vibes. Thank God, and thank everyone.

Schatze had her gall bladder out yesterday, even though it was quite risky - it was riskier not to do it. She is recovering nicely now, and has even eaten a bit of baby food. She still has some problems to clear up, and some healing to do, but I have such faith that she will be fine.

Corey and I have visited her every day since she has been at the Veterinary Referral Center. Everyone there is so kind to her and to us. Today she was pretty sleepy, but she did walk over to me when they brought her in to see me. Corey and I hugged, kissed, and petted her as she lay on the table, very calm and snoozy.

I love my dog.


Legacy said...

Lisa! I'm so happy to hear that Schatze was feeling better today!!! I'm still prayin for her! I'll talk to you soon!

3weens said...

Thank you so much Lindsay! Schatze misses you. =)