Thursday, May 31, 2007


when your people refuse to learn barklish, you have to resort to nonverbal communication.

i have maintained this posture for days, yet they refuse to install central air. aiming fans in my direction is not good enough, people. popsicles and central air, please! do you not remember what kaitlyn told you? i'm wearing a fur suit.
let's talk about outside now. it's great out there. warm, sunny, and smelly. i like the stoop. there are people out there. people who want to pet me. what is the fascination with the backyard? i don't care abut your table and chairs, i don't care about your little fire pit. i don't care about your flower pots unless you let me drink out of them (which you don't.) i want to be up front with the people. i can accept the backyard in small doses, but either let me eat the plants, or put me on my comfy chair immediately. so, can we just stay out here? please?
ok, i'm done complaining. i'm goin to find something to eat.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Do you remember that song by Kiss, Unholy? Now sing Unruly. Schatze is just out of hand! It's a good thing she's so cute. A destructive dachshund tearing apart the house, trying to convince us she needs to eat yet again. But all she can really do is kick our shoes around, moce her bed, and bark. But really, she eats plenty. Next time we'll learn about stubborn.